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Clarins Malaysia: Face Treatment Oils

Looking for a face oil in Malaysia? Clarins’ facial treatment oils are carefully infused with pure plant extracts and contain no preservatives, making them safe for sensitive skin.

The Lotus Face Treatment Oil is a best seller, packed with Sacred Lotus and Hazelnut extracts that focus on rebalancing skin tone and nourishing the skin. This lotus treatment oil works well for oily and combination skin types. It tightens pores and leaves your skin instantly hydrated, supple and satiny soft within minutes. Apart from protecting your skin against dehydration, it also reduces pimples, making it the best face treatment oil for acne-prone skin. For best results, pair this lotus treatment oil with our Toning Lotion with Iris.

Another popular face oil in Malaysia is the Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, infused with Blue Orchid and Hazelnut to restore vitality and youthful radiance to the skin. Suitable for normal to dry skin, this face oil absorbs quickly into the skin. The mixture of Rosewood, Blue Orchid and Patchouli extracts supply rich moisture and prevents the formation of wrinkles, making it the perfect face oil for dry, cold climates.

The best face oil for extremely dry skin is the Santal Face Treatment Oil. Sandalwood, Cardamom and Lavender essential oils help to soothe, tone and de-congest dry or irritated skin, while Hazelnut Oil reduces redness. This face oil also helps to slow down the process of skin aging, while giving you that healthy glow.

Feel free to apply the face treatment oil on its own, or blend it into your moisturiser and toner. Rub your palms together and gently press it onto your face, neck and the area beneath your chin to ensure maximum absorption. Be careful to avoid the eye contour area.

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