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Clarins MY: Lip Oils

You like the coloured sheen of a lip gloss, but not its overbearing stickiness. You like the nourishing effects of a lip balm, but not its boring nature. If only there was a product that strikes a seamless balance between both, right? Introducing Clarins’ Comfort Lip Oil, the ideal lip care treatment that packs the power of plant oils to nourish and enhance your lips’ natural beauty.

Suitable for all skin colours and lips conditions, this lip comfort oil comes in 8 attractive shades to suit a wide range of preferences. You’ll never have to worry about this lip oil being sticky or greasy, because the unique fusion formula embodies ingredients such as hazelnut, raspberry and jojoba, which nourishes, protects and leaves your lips feeling silky soft. This Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is the ultimate solution for dry lips as well.

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